HID Global Corporation Product-Specific Support Terms Physical Access (PACS)

(Version 10/22/2021)

The following terms apply to the following HID® Offerings:

For other partners requiring controllers development support (Aero/ Mercury), Technology Partner Integration Support (Biometric API, Mobile SDK/ API), Datawriter, SAM Manager, PACS location services, please refer to contract or quotation specifics.

For SLA regarding our Saas Offers (HID Origo Management Portal, HID Origo Mobile Identities API, and HID Location Services Dashboard) please refer to

Products NOT included: Crescendo, Ultra Card

Terms & Definitions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the HID Global Support Services General Terms and Conditions which is located at  

Standard Business Hours” means the local time specified in the Call Us URL link below, Monday through Friday (excluding company observed holidays). Any support request outside of standard business hours will be responded to the next business day.

Technical Support scope

Technical Support refers to the activity consisting in answering to general purpose questions about the hardware and software, such as:

  • For hardware: understanding installation, troubleshooting, configuration settings.
  • For credentials: understanding usage
  • For software: understanding features, understanding the UIs, commissioning, understanding the action of parameters, solving general purpose issues related to the licensed Software.

Technical support excludes handling the specificities of an End Customer installation, commissioning and setup, as defined under the scope of Professional Services. It excludes specifically performance analysis and performance improvement tasks unless a proven defect is identified in the Licensed Software; such tasks need to be covered by Professional Services.

Any request that does not fall under the definition of Technical Support will be considered as Professional Services and will be invoiced as such.

Technical support is provided remotely.

Support path

HID provides technical support to direct customers (OEM, Distributors, Resellers, System Integrators), HID Direct customers provide technical support to HID indirect customers or End Users.

HID Direct Customer’s Technical Support attempts to reproduce the issue with a duplication of the Customer or End User environment, collecting logs, and qualifying the support request details. HID Direct Customer’s Technical Support skills are gained by attending an HID Academy course on-line or in person (

Before submitting a support request to technical support, the direct customer shall use commercially reasonable efforts to check whether the issue is originating from hardware.licensed software, its installation (wiring, conditions, configurations) and take reasonable means to solve the defect, then qualify and characterize the defect.

Once a support request is received, HID support will first evaluate if the support request is under the scope of support; in particular, HID  support will determine whether the request addresses a defect, a feature request or a need for service. In case of a feature request or a need for service, the request is transferred to HID sales and obligations of Support Services, including SLA, do not apply.

Upon submitting a support ticket, the partner must provide the following information:

  • Impacted product or model.
  • Describing what conditions are necessary to reproduce the issue.
  • Process/Steps for reproducing the issue.

The HID Direct Customer shall provide any information, logs, test results requested by HID in order to qualify, characterize, analyze, and/or solve the reported issue. Field work requested on the installation site on which the issue occurred is under the scope of work of   HID Direct Customer or its customers. The  HID Direct Customer agrees to provide HID with reasonable access to its materials, systems, personnel or other resources (including instances of the wiring diagrams, licensed materials and OEM Software) as necessary to process the support request.

When the  HID Direct Customer confirms that the issue is solved (or within 4 days of HID’s request for information necessary to troubleshoot), technical support closes the ticket.

Contacting Partner Technical Support

Support Self-Service (Online). Customers may refer to our online document library (Document Library | HID Global) or the Knowledge Base at before opening a case with HID. Basic questions can usually be answered by reviewing the product documentation or FAQ.

Many common issues such as configuration, card format, password reset and installation questions are covered in the installation, user guides or Knowledge Base. No registration or login required.

Submit a ticket online through our Community or  our online case submission

  • Option 1: One-time online Case submission (no registration)


Registration: None

  • Option 2: Submit and Manage Cases online


Registration: Customers can register for an account if they do not have an account already.

Contact HID via phone

Please utilize the following URL for the list of contact telephone numbers for HID Direct Customers to reach HID technical support by Language, Product, and Region.

Response Times

We respond to our HID Direct Customer’s case within one business day with the case reference, proposed solution, or request for additional information via email, case comments or phone. Response time only applies for cases raised on-line.

End of Sales/End of Life

End of Sales & End of Life notices and dates can be found at

Additional Terms

Standard Support for pivCLASS. The initial year of Maintenance and Support for pivCLASS® is mandatory. The software support subscription starts on the 1st of the month following reception of the download email. The start date of pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM) purchase is the 1st of the month of shipment from HID Global.

Renewals of Standard Support for pivCLASS. Upon the expiration of the initial support period, support can be renewed for successive one-year periods. Please contact your reseller or HID for renewal.

Certification Training. Certification Training may be required for particular products such as pivCLASS®, PACS location services. When certification is required, certified support personnel must be on staff at the direct customer, Integrator, Distributor, or third-party support provider to ensure Level-1 and Level-2 technical support. Certification must be obtained for each product owned/resold. Customer personnel are certified by passing the certification exams for the products they are supporting. Certification on any particular software product only applies to the major product version (e.g. 5.x vs. 6.x) used at the time of the certification exam. Certification on products does not guarantee access to product support services; rather, support services are provided only in connection with payment of the applicable support fees and support is contacted by certified personnel.

For information on the latest, full course schedule, see

Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Policy

If Customer purchased the hardware through a Channel Partner, all RMA requests should be handled by the Channel Partner.  If Customer purchased the hardware directly from HID, Customer may contact HID for an RMA Number and return instructions in accordance with this RMA policy.

To return hardware that has failed during the applicable warranty period (“Warranty-Return Hardware”), Customer must:

  1. Initiate an RMA for a Reader, Credential, Controller or Encoder go to or contact an HID Global Customer Service representative.
  2. provide HID with the model number and serial number of the hardware and a description of the claimed hardware defect.

HID will issue an RMA number. No RMA number will be issued if the applicable warranty period for the hardware has expired. Except as otherwise stated herein or agreed by HID in writing, Customer will need to, at Customer’s cost (including any taxes and duties): (i) return the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID and; (ii)  install and/or deploy any repaired/replacement hardware provided by HID. All hardware which is returned to HID for warranty service and not returned to Customer will become the property of HID.

Return shipment of the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number (“RMA Timeframe”). The hardware must be returned to HID in a testable condition; otherwise the warranty is invalidated.

Warranty-Return hardware is to be shipped to HID as per the instructions provided by HID in the RMA case. Customer must return the hardware to HID with the RMA number clearly marked on the package.

Any package received by HID without an RMA number or shipped outside of the applicable RMA Timeframe will be refused and shipped back to Customer. A new RMA number must be obtained for any hardware returned to Customer due to Customer’s failure to adhere to this RMA Policy.

Upon HID’s receipt of the Warranty-Return Hardware from Customer, HID will evaluate the hardware to determine whether it is covered under the applicable warranty. If HID determines the hardware is covered under warranty, HID will take the corrective warranty action described in the applicable warranty policy, depending on the type of hardware.

Customer agrees to pay HID a minimum of $20 USD for any hardware evaluated by HID and determined not to be defective or covered by warranty. If Customer receives replacement hardware from HID but fails to return the Warranty-Return Hardware within thirty (30) calendar days from HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number, HID reserves the right to invoice Customer and Customer shall pay the current list price for such unreturned hardware. Customer agrees to promptly initiate payments owed pursuant to this Section by issuance of a purchase order or credit card payment.

Notwithstanding, Customer may not be required to return the hardware, which will be determined by HID in the RMA case. If HID notifies Customer that they do not need to return the hardware, Customer will thereafter cease use and securely dispose of the unreturned hardware.