HID Event Management Platform Product-Specific Support Terms

The following terms apply to the following HID® Offerings:

  • EMS solutions including software, hardware (turnstile headunit, handheld scanners, printers) and Event Management Platform - Access control and/or Accreditation management Software provided as a software-as-a-service solution or licensing.
  • MobiBadge, ticket delivery application software, provided as a software-as-a-service solution.
  • NFC Pass issuance onto Mobile wallets (Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap), provided as a software-as-a-service solution.

Terms & Definitions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the HID Global Support Services General Terms and Conditions located at:

"Customer Systems” refers to any and all systems deployed and managed by Customer or Customer contractor which may have some effect on HID performance. Examples of such systems include Wi-fi or Internet Access, Networking, ERP, Ticketing systems, accreditation systems, database or analytics solutions.

"Normal Business Hours” means 9 AM – 18 PM Central European Time, Monday – Friday.

"Severity”  refers to HID’s classification of an incident or request in terms of business impact.

Support Services

Support Services are included with purchase of the HID Offering for either: (i) the initial Warranty Period (for any hardware); or (ii) during the then-current subscription term for software-as-a-service solutions; or (iii) in addition to specific license purchase.

The Customer may contact HID support team via the following methods via email to [email protected].

The HID support system shall automatically assign a case number to any Customer request upon receipt. Within the Acknowledgement Time, the case number will be sent to the Customer as an acknowledgment that this issue has been received.

All subsequent communications with respect to the support request must take place by email.

HID may supply Support Services by certified HID engineers or via a partner, following HID standards and security guidelines. If the HID Offerings are purchased through a Partner, all support requests should be submitted to HID by the Partner.

HID or assigned party shall respond and act upon any Customer reported incident in accordance with its severity as described herein.

Support Response and Resolution

In support of services outlined in this Agreement, the Service Provider will respond to service related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the below specified timeframe. Any KPI will be measured at the beginning of the working day.

All requests for support are allocated with a severity code based upon their impact to the customer or user. Severity codes are used to prioritize problems to gain correct focus, to set target times for recovery, set thresholds for escalation and measure performance against the Service Level Agreement.


Acknowledgement time

Response time

Est. Resolution time

Level 1: Total loss of service

1 hr

4 hrs

1 Business days

Level 2: Partial loss of service

2 hrs

10 hrs

2 Business days

Level 3: Degraded service

4 hrs

1 Business days

3 Business days

Level 4: No service impact

6 hrs

3 Business days

To be agreed

Support Definitions





Level 1: Total loss of service

Causing downtime or preventing the whole system from functioning or any partial unavailability of features

Service is unavailable; more than 80% of the system and hardware are unavailable

Satisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; equipment issue is addressed / replaced; fix incorporated into current production release

Level 2: Partial loss of service

Causes downtime of significant functionality of critical part of the system

Server or peripheral failure that results in loss of either on-line, batch or printing services.
Partial failure or unavailability of application system.
Dashboard unreachable

Satisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; equipment issue is addressed / replaced; fix incorporated into future release.

Level 3: Degraded service

Effects non-critical functionality or causes downtime of a non-critical part of the system capacity

Missing or incorrect reports.
Slow response from application system.
New user onboard impacted.

Satisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; fix incorporated into future release

Level 4: No service impact

Minor problem that does not impact the service, questions or support inquiry


Answer to question is provided; fix incorporated into future release; KB update

Description of Support Services

HID shall periodically publish new releases as well carry out upgrades and maintenance of the system infrastructure in order to roll out new features and improve stability and security.

HID may decide, at its sole discretion, to perform emergency maintenance and shall exercise commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Customer a minimum of 8 business hours’ notice of such work via email.

HID shall periodically implement relevant security patches in accordance with its patch management policy, as part of either planned or emergency maintenance activity. Notifications to the Customers will be handled in accordance with the maintenance type, as stated above.

Software Development Support

HID shall provide to the Customer the necessary software and support (documentation, hardware, and other information, collectively referred to herein as “Development Support Materials”) to integrate and maintain HID software with Customer Systems via standard APIs against mutually agreed upon design specifications.

Any issues/gaps confirmed by HID against the mutually agreed upon design specifications shall be addressed within 5 working days from each new delivery of Development Support Materials or any part thereof.

HID shall provide necessary API documentation to refer to during software integration and maintenance in a self-service manner.

Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Policy

To return hardware that has failed during the applicable warranty period (“Warranty-Return Hardware”), Customer must: (i) inform HID of the Warranty-Return Hardware by opening an RMA ticket via email and (ii) provide HID with the model number and serial number of the hardware and a description of the claimed hardware defect.

HID will issue Customer an RMA number. No RMA number will be issued to Customer if the applicable warranty period for the hardware has expired. Except as otherwise stated herein or agreed by HID in writing, Customer will need to, at Customer’s cost, including any taxes and duties: (i) remove and return the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID and; (ii) install and/or deploy any repaired/replacement hardware provided by HID. All hardware which is returned to HID for warranty service and not returned to Customer will become the property and possession of HID.

Return shipment of the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number (“RMA Timeframe”). The hardware must be returned to HID in a testable condition otherwise the warranty is invalidated.

Warranty-return hardware is to be shipped to HID as follows: HID Global spa, attn: , Viale Remo De Feo, 1 – 80022 Arzano (NA) – ITALY. Customer must return the hardware to HID with the RMA number clearly marked on the package.

Any package received by HID without an RMA number or shipped outside of the applicable RMA Timeframe will be refused and shipped back to Customer. A new RMA number must be obtained for any hardware returned to Customer due to Customer’s failure to adhere to this RMA Policy.

Upon HID’s receipt of the Warranty-Return Hardware from Customer, HID will evaluate the hardware to determine whether it is covered under the applicable warranty policy. If HID determines the hardware is covered under warranty, HID will take the corrective warranty action described in the applicable warranty policy, depending on the type of hardware.

Customer agrees to pay HID a minimum per unit charge of $20.00 USD for any hardware evaluated by HID and determined not to be defective or covered by warranty. If Customer receives replacement hardware from HID but fails to return the Warranty-Return Hardware within thirty (30) calendar days from HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number, HID reserves the right to invoice Customer and Customer shall pay the current list price for such unreturned hardware. Customer agrees to promptly, initiate payments owed pursuant to this Section by issuance of a purchase order or credit card payment.