(Version 01/05/2021)

The following terms apply to the following HID Offerings:

  • OMNIKEY (except encoders)
  • iCLASS SE Reader Module, SE Processor
  • MultiISO Embedded Reader Family
  • MIFARE Easy Embedded Readers
  • HID® Lumidigm® fingerprint modules and readers
  • HID® DigitalPersona® fingerprint modules and readers
  • HID® EikonTouch® fingerprint readers
  • HID® TouchChip® fingerprint sensors and modules

Terms & Definitions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the HID Global Support Services General Terms and Conditions which is located at https://www.hidglobal.com/support.

Support Services

HID will provide the following Support Services:

  • Answer technical questions by e-mail
  • Analyze technical problems by reviewing configuration settings or log files
  • Provide access to service packs and hot fixes
  • Initiate RMA process for defective products

Contacting Technical Support


Support online form:

Support Levels/Tiers

Support Level 1: Answering entry level questions usually could be answered by referring to the product documentation (Example: is a specific card technology supported by the reader, information is in the product hardware user guide, drivers and SDK downloads).

Support Level 2: Reproduce issue, collect and qualify logs (Example: specific credential cannot be read from a card, device does not work on a customer platform).

Support Level 3: Cannot be answered by SL 1 and SL 2. Might require deeper hardware or software analysis or involvement of Professional Services or Engineering.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


End of Life/End of Support

Typically support ends 24 month after EOL of the product.

Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Policy

OMNIKEY readers and modules, embedded modules and chip sets (RFID/BLE) are eligible for RMA only if there is a verified issue. Therefor a technical support request shall be submitted prior to any RMA. A tech support engineer or solution engineer will check the product and provide results back.

For EAT biometric products please contact your account manager for the appropriate RMA procedure.

Note: Embedded OEM products that are manufactured into the customer product may not be able to be returned. Customer must ensure adequate incoming inspection processes at the manufacturer / integrator.

All RMA requests should be handled by the HID direct customer (Customer purchased the hardware directly from HID).

To return hardware that has failed during the applicable warranty period (“Warranty-Return Hardware”), Customer must:

  1. inform HID of the Warranty-Return Hardware by contacting: Regional Inside Sales
  2. provide HID with the model number and serial number (if available) and date code (if available) of the hardware and a description of the claimed hardware defect.

HID will issue an RMA number. No RMA number will be issued if the applicable warranty period for the hardware has expired. Except as otherwise stated herein or agreed by HID in writing, Customer will need to, at Customer’s cost (including any taxes and duties): (i) return the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID and; (ii) install and/or deploy any repaired/replacement hardware provided by HID. All hardware which is returned to HID for warranty service and not returned to Customer will become the property of HID.

Return shipment of the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number (“RMA Timeframe”). Desktop reader hardware must be returned to HID in a testable condition; otherwise the warranty is invalidated.

Warranty-return hardware is to be shipped to HID as follows. Shipping address will be provided together with the RMA number. Customer must return the hardware to HID with the RMA number clearly marked on the package.

Any package received by HID without an RMA number or shipped outside of the applicable RMA Timeframe will be refused and shipped back to Customer. A new RMA number must be obtained for any hardware returned to Customer due to Customer’s failure to adhere to this RMA Policy.

Upon HID’s receipt of the Warranty-Return Hardware from Customer, HID will evaluate the hardware to determine whether it is covered under the applicable warranty. If HID determines the hardware is covered under warranty, HID will take the corrective warranty action described in the applicable warranty policy, depending on the type of hardware.

If Customer receives replacement hardware from HID but fails to return the Warranty-Return Hardware within thirty (30) calendar days from HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number, HID reserves the right to invoice Customer and Customer shall pay the current list price for such unreturned hardware. Customer agrees to promptly initiate payments owed pursuant to this Section by issuance of a purchase order or credit card payment.