HID Textile Services Product-Specific Support Terms

The services provided pursuant to these terms require separate purchase and are subject to payment of all applicable fees. The following terms apply to products and services purchases from the HID® Textile Services Group.


Customer Designated Contact

Means Customer designated point of contact for technical support, and therefore phone and / or email address details have been sent to HID


Means user guides, training materials, technical documentation or other documentation provided by HID to help the customer to effectively use software and/or hardware products

Level 1 Support

Means technical support organization providing post-installation assistance to the Customer by collecting relevant technical issues and identifying key information, in order to perform necessary troubleshooting and to provide a solution or workaround to simple issues. If it is unable to provide such diagnosis or solution, it escalates the support request to the next relevant support level.   

Level 2 Support

Means technical support organization providing Level 1 escalation of technical support services, as well as being able to diagnose and provide first resolution around software usage, hardware usage or system usage.  Level 2 Technical Support performs diagnosis allowing HID to reproduce, isolate and identify root cause of the issue. 

Level 3 Support

Means the technical entity able to provide escalation for Level 1 & Level 2 technical support services as well as being able to provide software and/or hardware interim resolution and/or final resolution.


Maintenance covers three parts: Preventive, Corrective and Spare Parts Availability

HW Warranty

Means “Parts and labor” (1 year warranty) for RFID hardware

RFID Device

Means all RFID equipment provided by HID (e.g.: readers, antennas ...)  


Means an event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes or may cause disruption to or a reduction in the quality of services and Customer productivity or which degrades the product as defined by the severity definition as compared to HID functionality and performance specifications.

Severity Levels

  • “Severity 1 Incident” means a system failure: (a) during which a Customer cannot perform significant business activities; (b) materially impacts the response or performance of the systems and (c) for which there is no known workaround.
  • “Severity 2 Incident” means a system failure: (a) during which a Customer cannot perform some business activities; (b) materially impacts the response or performance of the systems and (c) for which a possible workaround has been identified.
  • “Severity 3 Incident” means a system failure: (a) during which a Customer cannot perform minor business activities, but can complete most tasks; for which there is a workaround under investigation.
  • “Severity 4 Incident” means a system failure: (a) during which a Customer can complete most tasks and for; (b) for which there is an identified workaround.


Defines the object code version of the standard or specific application, together with any documentation being provided to the Customer by way of electronic transmission or any other suitable media.

Support Request

Means a bespoke technical support request communicated to Level 1 Support Organization i.e. a request that does not comply with the definition of an Incident

Serial Number 

Defines a unique code assigned for identification of a hardware device. 


Means the hardware, software and documentation provided to the Customer by HID or dealer or authorized service provider.

Support Services

Support Services include all support actions and services.

Services Periods

Means days/hours where Customer performs its operation maintenances (recurrent or not). They must be communicated to HID.

Working days

Means Monday to Friday and does not include French public holidays and weekends.

Working hours

Means normal business hours (9:00am – 6:00pm CET Time), exclusion made of Services periods.



The present Maintenance services include the following topics:


HID provides the following services: (a) access to HID Support Team: Technical support staff, who will work with the Customer to diagnose issues, and provide Incident and Problem Resolutions, including escalating the issue through HID Technical Support management as needed; (b) user documentation; (c) access to HID Knowledge Base and FAQ:; (d) quarterly e-Mailing: each quarter, the Customer will receive an email with updates and other news of the Support Team and on demand; and (e) RMA: procedure to return damaged/broken hardware.


HID provides Maintenance Services for its hardware and Software solutions.


Upon acceptance of a valid purchase order related to the support and maintenance service provided hereunder, the Customer will be entitled to receive Technical Support according to the Services options.


In accordance with these terms and to the extent that Customer has purchased the applicable level of Technical Support service, HID will provide the services with respect to the hardware for which Customer has acquired Support Services. 


In accordance with these terms and to the extent that the Customer has purchased the applicable level of Technical Support service, HID will provide the services with respect to the Software for which Customer has acquired Support Services. 

HID is not responsible for Operation System (Windows, Android, etc…) and IT System and Network

Software is delivered as a service. The following services are included: (a) upgrades of the ACUITY Laundry Platform; (b) proactive monitoring: HID will notify the Customer when an alert occurs (disconnected station for example); and (c) remote software diagnostics via a remote connection.


HID provides a professional Help Desk to submit a request:

  • Dedicated regional HelpDesk Phone number 
  • Several Supported Languages: French, English
  • Level 1 support: 9:00am-6:00pm CET time (Business Hours)
  • Level 2/3 expert Support: 9:00am-6:00pm French time, except French Bank Holidays (1st January, Easter Monday, 1st May, 8th May, Ascension Thursday, Whit Monday, 14th July, 15th August, 1st November, 11th November, 25th December)




(French / English)





Numéros de téléphone 

+33 1 85 14 85 12

+44 2 076 608 388

+65 64 29 84 77

(5/7 days)

(9:00–18:00 CET Time)


[email protected]



The Customer Designated Contact calls the HelpDesk using the phone number provided. The Customer Designated Contact email address will have to be provided to the Technical Support staff member, for verification purpose, and to provide the Support Request acknowledgement. The Support Request will be acknowledged assuming sufficient incident description information is provided by the Customer Designated Contact.


The Customer Designated Contact sends an email through the Technical Support email address. The Support Request will be acknowledged assuming sufficient incident Description information will be provided by the Customer Designated Contact.


The Incident/Request Report shall contain, to the extent known, applicable or possible: (a) The name of the HID Product (hardware or Software) and its serial number for hardware purpose; (b) The environment on which the reader works (receiving station, cabin for shipping…); (c) Customer contact name, e-mail address if available, telephone number and fax number; and (d) The nature of the Incident, a description of the Incident and the Customer’s classification of the Incident. 

The Customer will provide to the HID Technical Support with as much information as possible and access to the appropriate equipment and Software to enable Technical Support to investigate and attempt to identify and verify the reported maintenance issue.  

HID shall classify, or reclassify, as applicable, among Severity 1 to 4 Problem. If the Customer disagrees on the classification of any Issues, such dispute shall promptly be escalated for resolution to a representative designated by each party.

The Customer Designated Contact, in contact with the Technical Support staff, will have to be trained and certified by HID or its partner in the correct use and functional/technical knowledge of the complete system supplied by HID. This training could be done during the preventive maintenance. 

The Customer must contact HID using the Help Desk to request for maintenance.


HID uses a professional Ticket Management System to store and manage all requests from Customers: (a) one unique number per ticket to ensure traceability; (b) acknowledgment for each ticket to ensure customer has the information; (c) request versus Incident classification; (d) follow-up performed by qualified people (communication by email & phone); and (e) Customer satisfaction: random poll.


Once a year and per site, HID will conduct a standard preventive maintenance of HID equipment, based on a shared and accepted planning with the Customer (at least one month before intervention and two months before the end of then-current services term). If necessary, it covers:


Firmware update (only if validated by HID): Update

Tuning & settings check: hardware (reader/antenna) is properly set in the Customer environment

uDoor - Cabin (specifically):


  • Check all screws / nuts tightening
  • Align the door wings
  • Check arms fixing
  • Check the motor’s behavior
  • Check the door sensors

RFID Tests: General reading performance

All questions on RFID generalities in an opened conversation with the technician.



Software As A Service

All stations could be also checked by using the integrated diagnosis tool included in each Smart RFID Station.

Update the local Smart RFID Stations if needed.

Training on the interface if needed.


HID will provide a planning to the Customer to roll-out Preventive Maintenance operations.

Travel expenses are not included and will be billed upon justifications.


In case of a Major Issue (qualified by HID), following a shared and accepted planning with the Customer, HID conducts a maintenance intervention on-site. If necessary, it covers:


Check and repair: hardware (reader/antenna) is intensely checked and repaired if needed. hardware can also be replaced after a quotation acceptance.

hardware performance is then evaluated.

Cabin (specifically): The cabin is verified and repaired if needed. A defective part can also be replaced after a quotation acceptance.

The cabin performance is then evaluated.

If possible, HID will perform interventions in remote session during Service Periods. Otherwise, the intervention will be performed on site, with expenses (labor, transportation, accommodation,…).

The duration of the intervention depends on the site’s size and equipment.


For each Maintenance intervention (Preventive and Curative), HID will provide a report describing the intervention performed by the technician and/or engineer.




The Customer can return its damaged/broken hardware to the support Team using the standard RMA Form supplied by HID. See Appendix 1.


According to the following table, HID has identified several use cases for defective hardware. HID can perform hardware reparation under certain conditions. For example (case A), if a hardware (such as reader) is under warranty and if it is not an End of Life Product, HID will perform the intervention, free of charge.

A case (A, B, C or D) will be associated to each hardware.


Case A

Case B

Case C

Case D

Product under Warranty





End Of Life Product





Possible Reparation intervention

Free of charge

Free of charge

With charges

Without result guaranteed

With charges




The costs of all intervention exclude travel expenses. Before each intervention, a quotation is sent to the Customer for acceptation. These costs are applicable for Corrective Maintenance.

As of January 1st, 2021:

Cost (€ tax excl.)

1 Hour

2 Hours

½ Day

1 Day







A shared spare part stock is allocated at HID to avoid delay. The list can be communicated to the Customer and its associated costs. This spare parts stock is dedicated to on-contract customers.

This stock is the property of HID.

If a spare part from this list is necessary, the part will be sent by HID to the Customer. If the Customer wishes to keep this part, a quotation will be provided.


A spare part stock can be allocated at HID or at the Customer’s site to avoid delay. The list will be communicated to the Customer with its associated cost. This stock is the property of HID. If a spare part from this list is necessary, the part will be sent by HID to the Customer. If the customer wants to keep this part, a quotation will be provided. The cost of this allocated stock is 7% of the dedicated hardware cost.


HID may also provide a Warranty Extension Agreement for HID products. Please contact us for details.




All Customer staff contacting HID Technical Support must be trained on HID Configuration Tools and/or hardware and the current issue for which Customer requires support.


Customer agrees that contact with HID will be through the specified number of Designated Contacts. Customer is responsible for specifying and providing updated valid Designated Contacts to HID Technical Support. Customer agrees that access to any Support deliverable, Software Subscription downloads will be limited to these Designated Contacts.


To insure the proper Technical Support service, Customer understands that it is necessary to provide HID or its authorized Technical Representative remote access to the affected network environment, for diagnosis purpose and potential resolution of the issue. The Customer understands that if the remote access is not available, diagnosis of the issue and its resolution time will extend.




The following are excluded from Support Services and will be subject to separate billing interventions: (a) replacement of wearing parts; (b) hardware replacement due to abuse, neglect or mishandling; (c) on-conforming use of equipment; (d) non-compliance with maintenance standards electronic equipment; (e) any hardware or software changes; (f) repair or maintenance attempts without the agreement of HID; (g) statement of persons not authorized by the Customer or HID; and (h) non-compliance by the Customer over instructions, procedures, safety measures, various warnings or directions given in writing by HID to the Customer, either before or during maintenance operations.

HID does not offer technical support for any software including installed OS or other programs. Technical support should be pursued through channels offered by the software’s individual tech support. HID accepts no liability for problems caused by after-market software or hardware modifications or additions. HID is not responsible for providing any technical support concerning the installation or integration of any software or component the customer did not pay HID to install. HID is not responsible for loss of data or time, even with hardware failure. Customers are responsible for backing up any data for their own protection. HID is not responsible for any loss of work (“down time”) caused by a product requiring service. Support Services are not available if the defect or malfunction was due to damage resulting from operation not within manufacturer specifications. It will also be null and void if there are indications of misuse and/or abuse. HID has the option of discontinuing Support Services if anyone other than an HID technician attempts to service the product. HID will not warrant any problems arising from an extraordinary circumstance (lighting, flooding, tornado, etc.), electrical spikes or surges, or problems arising out of hardware, software, or additional devices added to complement any system/component bought at HID. 


HID Support Team can only perform maintenance on returned hardware, if it is confirmed with: (a) Name / Part Number; (b) Serial Number; and (c) Install date.

HID will not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of materials or third-party software, including in the event of loss of data or information. HID cannot be held responsible for failures or malfunctions of equipment regardless of the duration of the outage or asset before the normal restart. Finally, the responsibility of HID will be sought in the event of force majeure, or any other cause beyond its control such as strikes, work interruptions, delays of suppliers, disasters, or accidents. In any event, if the HID responsibility was committed, compensation as may be requested would be limited to the amount agreed.


Appendix 1

Return Material Authorization RMA #___

Customer Profile

Company:                              Date:                                  
Address:  Contact Name:            
City & State:  Contact Email: 
Zip Code:  Contact Phone: 
Country:  Contact Cell: 


Product Identification

Product Name:                         P. O. Box #:                    
Tagsys P/N:      Serial or Batch nr:           
Customer P/N: Return Quantity: 


Reason for Return:  

To inform TEXTILE SERVICES of this return, please email to [email protected] and ship the product with this document attached to: HID TEXTILE SERVICES - SUPPORT DEPARTMENT
180 Voie Ariane
ZI Athelia 1
13600 La Ciotat - France

Return Procedure:

In order to give you a RMA number, please fulfill this document and send it by return to the above email address or to the Support Service. Please write the RMA number on the outside of the box. The product returned with go through stringent quality controls. If the product is no longer under warranty, a final analysis report will be sent to you as soon as possible as well as a quotation for repair. Please contact Support Service for further details: +33 586-188-008.


In case of no product repair coverage by HID Textile Services or product out of warranty period, any quotation will be charged to a fixed price of 80 € per product. This amount will be deducted of the repair price in case of the quotation acceptance, or will be kept by HID Textile Services in case of quote refusal or no answer within 2 weeks. If quote is accepted the product will be returned on Exworks basis. After receiving quote, in case of no answer within 2 weeks, HID Textile Services will be entitled to destroy the product.Image removed.

WEEE Regulation logo

This product bears the selective sorting symbol for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This means that this product must be handled pursuant to the European Directive 2002/96/EC in order to be recycled or dismantled to minimize its impact on the environment. For further information, please contact your local or regional authorities.


Appendix 2: How to Contact HID Helpdesk?

Dedicated Number or Email Address

If repair is critical, it is recommended to contact us by phone rather than sending an email. Both ways to report an incident will be recorded and treated but with a higher priority if reported by phone.

The Technical Support

[email protected]
UK: +44 207 660 8388
France: +33 18514 8512
Singapore: +65 6429 8477


What Information Should Be Provided?

  • Company Name
  • Last Name / First Name of the caller
  • Site Localization
  • Most accurate description of the incident
    • Which hardware is impacted?
    • hardware Serial Number
    • Description of the behavior of the system
  • How the incident impacts business process
  • Anything which could be helpful is appreciated to have a quicker response and a lower resolution time.