HID Global Corporation Product-Specific Support Terms Extended Access Technologies — Commercial Biometrics HID® U.ARE.U™ Camera Identification Software Update Support

(Version 03/11/2024)

This Product-Specific Support Terms (“Support Terms”) supplements the HID Global Support Services General Terms and Conditions which can be found at:

The Support Terms apply to the following HID Offerings:

U.ARE.U Camera Software Update and Support

Terms & Definitions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the HID Global Support Services General Terms and Conditions which can be found at:

Custom Software” means HID COTS software that has been modified by HID to accommodate an End Customer’s specific request, whether it is a configuration, design and/or development of fields and/or features.

End Customer” means Purchaser or, if Purchaser is a Channel Partner, the end customer to which the Channel Partner sells the HID Offerings, as applicable, for internal use by such party, and not for further resale.

Updates” means a general release which consists of enhancements in existing features and functionalities of a major release. An Update is indicated by incrementing the numeral to the right of the ‘.’ character in the version number of the software, e.g., the release following 5.1 could be 5.2.

Upgrades” means a general release which includes enhanced functionality for core software as well as support for improved fundamentals, such as support for third-party integrations, improved performance, increased security and reliability. An Upgrade is indicated by incrementing the numeral immediately to the left of the ‘.’ character in the version number of the software, e.g., the release following version 4.9 could be 5.0.

Business Hours” means 

US/Canada/LATAM: 08:00-19:00 Eastern Time

Asia: 09:00-18:00 Hong Kong Time

EMEA: 09:00-18:00 Central European Time

Software Support Services

Subject to the Support Terms and Customer’s payment of all Support Services fees, HID will provide the following Support Services:

  • Support Contact Procedure:
    • Technical inquiries pertaining to the HID Offering can be made via email to [email protected].
    • Emails to HID Support are responded to in the order received. 
  • Scope of Support:
    • Aid in finding recommended solution to technical issues (log analysis, configuration checks, identifying points of failure, confirming steps to reproduce, etc…)
    • Processes support by ensuring proper access to technical resources for HID Offering related software and product (including access to the HID Developer Portal)
    • Improving U.are.U Camera System lifecycle by aiding Purchaser in identifying relevant security patches, bug fixes, and product enhancements that can be applied by Purchaser (i.e. via FwUpdate)

Camera Firmware & Software Updates

Customers who purchase the U.ARE.U Camera Identification System Software Updates Support Plan are eligible to receive camera software and updates via the HID Developer Portal. To access firmware and software updates, software tools, patches and their associated documentation, you must register with the HID Developer Portal.

End of Life/End of Support

Customer acknowledges that Support Services are subject to the current End of Life/End of Support policy. Details regarding End of Life/End of Support based on the product can be located at:

Support Exclusions

Support Services do not include integration or development assistance with API's or SDK's. Integration and development assistance would be subject to a professional services engagement.

Support Services do not include customer specific enhancements, requiring additional scoping and services to be purchased from HID via Professional services engagements, addressed in a Statement of Work (“SOW”) with applicable scope, deliverables and pricing, as mutually negotiated between the parties.

Additional Terms

If Customer is purchasing the Support Services from a Channel Partner, Channel Partner will be liable for all fees owed for the Support Services or as otherwise set forth herein.

The initial subscription term for Support Services will commence on the date set forth in the Order Acknowledgment issued by HID and will continue for the initial term set forth therein (“Initial Subscription Term”). Subject to the payment of all subscription fees, unless otherwise agreed by HID in writing, Customer’s support subscription will automatically renew for an additional period equal to the Initial Subscription Term, unless HID, Channel Partner or Customer (as applicable) gives written notice of non-renewal at least thirty (30) days before the end of the then-current subscription term. For clarity, a subscription constitutes a commitment on the part of Customer or Channel Partner (as applicable) to pay HID for the full subscription term. Subscriptions for Support Services are a final sale and are not refundable.

HID fees for the Support Services may be increased upon expiration of the then-current subscription term.

In the event that Support Services are discontinued or suspended, to reinstate or renew Support Services, HID will charge Support Services fees for the interim period during which Support Services were discontinued or suspended. 

If your Support Services coverage has lapsed due to nonrenewal or nonpayment, there is a one (1) month grace period where you can reinstate your Support Services for the amount of the last renewal quote. If you have been uncovered by Support Services for longer than one (1) month from the last renewal date, you can reinstate your Support Services for a reinstatement fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the total price of the Support Services for the upcoming renewal period, and you must pay the annual subscription fee for the Support Services. The new Support Services subscription term will begin as of the date of expiration of the prior Support Services subscription term.