Product Registration

Thank you for purchasing your printer(s) from HID Global. Register your new printer(s) by completing this form and receive an additional year of warranty coverage at no charge.*

*For more information about HID Global FARGO Printer Warranties, please review the Secure Issuance Warranty Policy on our Website or contact your local reseller.

If you did not scan the QR code located on the warranty card that accompanied your new printer(s), please enter the serial number (found on your printer’s exterior) in the online form below where indicated. You may manually register up to twenty (20) printers using this online form.

If you have more than twenty (20) printers to register, you must upload a CSV file using our CSV file template. For instructions, please watch this helpful video “How to Complete and Upload a CSV File”.

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Uploading an invoice lets us know when you purchased your product(s) and when your warranty begins. If you don’t have it handy, no worries. It’s not required for registration and you can send it to us at any time.
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