Formulário de Suporte Técnico

For customers using Identity and Access Management Solutions (IAMS) products (i.e. HID SAFE, WorkforceID, HydrantID, EasyLobby, DigitalPersona AD or LDS, and non-U.S. Government ActivID AAA, Authentication Appliance/Software, CMS, ActivClient, HID PIV, HID Approve, Validation Suite, and OTP tokens, please visit the HID Technical Support Community. Access the Navigation Guide for the HID Global Technical Support Community Portal.

For U.S. Government Customers using Identity and Access Management Solutions (IAMS) ActivID® products, visit Technical Support US Gov Community.

For PACS (HID iCLASS SE, Signo, Aero, Mobile Access), Secure Issuance (Fargo Printers, Asure ID badging software, TRISM), Crossmatch (LSMS, MOBS, ARCID, SEEK, Sentry), CID (CRVS, MIDIS, Identify, Integrale), and HID Extended Access Technologies products including Desktop Biometric readers, Embedded Biometric sensors/modules, Desktop RFID readers (OMNIKEY) and Embedded RFID (contact/contactless) card reader modules or chipsets, please utilize the form below.