HID® IDT Product-Specific Support Terms (RFID Tags)

(version 11/19/2020)

The terms below apply to the following HID® offerings:

HID Identification Technologies (IDT) business area:

  • ISC (Industrial Smart Components)
    • Animal ID RFID Tags
    • Industry and Logistics RFID Tags
    • Customized RFID Tags and Credentials
    • Fueling Automation Products
  • EMS (Events and Mobility Solutions)
    • Event Solutions
    • Mobility solutions (Public Transport)
    • Cards and Inlays (when sold by HID IDT Business Area)
  • For IoT Services – please see support terms here

Terms & Definitions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the HID Global Support Services General Terms and Conditions which is located at

“Normal Business Hours” means 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Central European Time, Monday through Friday.

“Business Day” - refers to a working day with normal business hours.

Support Services

Support Services are included with purchase of the HID Offering for either:

  1. the initial Warranty Period (for any hardware); or
  2. during the then-current subscription term (for software-as-a-service).

Contacting IDT Technical Support

By default, please contact your dedicated HID salesperson or channel partner where you purchased the product from. Alternatively, customer may contact the HID IDT support team via the following methods:

Via mail to: [email protected]

By telephone at: +41 21 908 0100

Support Levels/Tiers

Within the Acknowledgement Time, the case number will be sent to the Customer as an acknowledgment that this issue has been received.

HID may supply Support Services by certified HID engineers or via a partner, following HID standards and security guidelines. If the HID Offerings are purchased through a Channel Partner, all support requests should be submitted toHID by the Channel Partner.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Acknowledgement Time Response Time Estimated Resolution Time
2 hours 1 Business Day Depending on case

Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Policy

If Customer purchased the hardware through a Channel Partner, all RMA requests should be handled by the Channel Partner. If Customer purchased the hardware directly from HID, Customer may contact HID for an RMA Number and return instructions in accordance with this RMA policy.

To return hardware that has failed during the applicable warranty period (“Warranty-Return Hardware”), Customer must:

  1. Complete this RMA form and provide HID with the model number and serial number of the hardware and a description of the claimed hardware defect
  2. inform HID of the Warranty-Return Hardware by contacting: [email protected]

HID will issue Customer an RMA number. No RMA number will be issued to Customer if the applicable warranty period for the hardware has expired. Except as otherwise stated herein or agreed by HID in writing, Customer will need to, at Customer’s cost, including any taxes and duties:

  1. remove and return the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID and;
  2. install and/or deploy any repaired/replacement hardware provided by HID. All hardware which is returned to HID for warranty service and not returned to Customer will become the property and possession of HID.

Return shipment of the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number (“RMA Timeframe”). The hardware must be returned toHID in a testable condition otherwise the warranty is invalidated.

Warranty-return hardware is to be shipped to the HID location from where it was shipped originally. Customer must return the hardware to HID with the RMA number clearly marked on the package.

Any package received by HID without an RMA number or shipped outside of the applicable RMA Timeframe will be refused and shipped back to Customer. A new RMA number must be obtained for any hardware returned to Customer due to Customer’s failure to adhere to this RMA Policy.

Upon HID’s receipt of the Warranty-Return Hardware from Customer, HID will evaluate the hardware to determine whether it is covered under the applicable warranty. If HID determines the hardware is covered under warranty, HID will take the corrective warranty action described in the applicable warranty policy, depending on the type of hardware.

Customer agrees to pay HID a minimum per unit charge of 20.- CHF for any hardware evaluated by HID and determined not to be defective or covered by warranty. If Customer receives replacement hardware from HID but fails to return the Warranty-Return Hardware within thirty (30) calendar days from HID's issuance of the applicable RMA number, HID reserves the right to invoice Customer and Customer shall pay the current list price for such unreturned hardware. Customer agrees to promptly initiate payments owed pursuant to this Section by issuance of a purchase order or credit card payment.

Notwithstanding, Customer shall not be required to return the following hardware, unless requested in writing by HID within thirty (30) calendar days of Customer’s receipt of replacement hardware. Customer will thereafter cease use and securely dispose of the unreturned hardware.

ESD-Protection/Transport Packaging:

- Repack the device in its original packing material. If the original packing material is not available, use an alternative and secure packing method (see below). Any damage caused by inadequate packing is not covered by warranty or maintenance contract.

Alternative Packing:

- Electronic Components: Returned item(s) must be properly packed in accordance with ESD-guidelines. HID Global will not accept any return shipments of products that are not wrapped in ESD-compliance packing where applicable.

- Smartcards: If cards are being returned, they must be packed in full trays. Where a full tray cannot be achieved, the tray must be filled with suitable packing material so that cards are unable to move.

- Modules: Modules must be packed on a so called “Paltainer” (e.g. INKA Mini Pallet). Please do not ship Modules w/o a pallet system.