HID IAMS Product-Specific Support Terms (Identity and Access Management Solutions)

(Version November 2023)

These terms are in addition to the HID Support Services General Terms and Conditions which is located at These terms apply to all IAMS offerings except HydrantID and IdenTrust offerings.

Terms & Definitions

Terms not defined herein have the meaning set forth in the HID Support Services General Terms and Conditions.   

SLARefers to the applicable Service Level Agreement, based on level of support.
First Response Time Refers to the time that elapsed between HID receiving the incident notification and the initial response to Customer as defined in the SLA.  
Update Frequency Refers to the frequency with which ongoing updates will be provided on open cases as defined in the SLA.  
Resolution or restoration of serviceRestoration means fixing the non-conformity, including but not limited to provisioning a hot fix or temporary workaround.
Defect Defects are problems that exist within a product that prevent the product from functioning as set forth in the standard documentation maintained and provided by HID. 
Major ReleaseA major release includes enhanced functionality for core software as well as support for improved fundamentals, such as support for third-party integrations, improved performance, increased security, and reliability. A major release is indicated by incrementing the numeral immediately to the left of the ‘.’ character in the version number of the software, e.g., the release following version 4.9 could be 5.0. 
Minor ReleaseA minor release consists of enhancements in existing features and functionalities of a major release. A minor release is indicated by incrementing the numeral to the right of the ‘.’ character in the version number of the software, e.g., the release following 5.1 could be 5.2.  
Technical Support CommunityRefers to a platform where authorized users can view, create, and update cases, as well as have the ability to access our Knowledge Base Articles for self-help. 
Inbound Phone SupportRefers to service for Gold or Platinum level Customers as part of the 24/7 support they receive for Priority Level 1 Critical cases.
UpdatesRefers to the testing and implementation of the Minor Release into Customer’s environment.
UpgradesRefers to the testing and implementing of the Major Release into Customer’s environment.
Business HoursUS/Canada/LATAM: 08:00-19:00 Eastern Time
Australia: 09:00-18:00 Australian Eastern Time
EMEA: 09:00-18:00 Central European Time
India: 09:00-18:00 India Standard Time

Support Priority Levels*

 Priority Level  Definition 
Priority 1 Production systems or cloud services are unavailable and have a significant performance degradation or significant business impact.  
Priority 2Product can be used, but an important function is not available or there is a partial cloud service outage.
Priority 3Product can be used, but there is a moderate impact or functional restrictions. 
Priority 4Minor non-significant problems, request for enhancement, or documentation issues. 

*Priority Level is determined by HID. HID reserves the right to reclassify Customer’s priority and/or priority level commensurate with the definitions above.

Service Level Agreement*

Case Submission 24/7 via Community Phone Support for Priority 1 Cases Priority Levels Access to Latest Software 1 2 3 4 First Response Platinum Update Frequency 30 min 24/7 3 hrs 24/7 1 hr 8 hrs 4 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 48 hrs First Response Update Frequency 1 hr 24/7 6 hrs 24/7 4 hrs 16 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 48 hrs 48 hrs First Response Update Frequency Priority 1— 24/7 Coverage Priority 2-4 — During Business Hours Gold Priority 1— 24/7 Coverage Priority 2-4 — During Business Hours Silver During Business Hours 1 hr 8 hrs 12 hrs 16 hrs 24 hrs 48 hrs 48 hrs 48 hrs

*The Platinum Support SLA is available only for select IAMS offerings.

On-Premise Software

To access on-premise software, software tools, service packs, hotfixes and documentation, you must register to the IAMS Download Portal. Customers who purchase software as a stand-alone, not including Support Services, do not get access to our software via our IAMS Download Portal.

HID will make all generally available Major Releases and Minor Releases available to Customers for deployment via the IAMS Download Portal.

If you do not have an existing account on our download portal, please submit a ticket via and be sure to provide us with: (i) name of the organization that purchased the software; and (ii) purchase order number.

If you purchased our software through a Channel Partner, please contact that Channel Partner to obtain software access.

Emergency Maintenance for Software-as-a-Service

For Software-as-a-Service, HID may decide, at its sole discretion, to perform emergency maintenance and will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer a minimum of 8 business hours’ notice of such work via email.

End of Life/End of Support

Customer acknowledges that Support Services are subject to the current End of Life/End of Support policy. Details regarding End of Life/End of Support based on the product can be located at:

Support Exclusions

Support Services do not include any Updates, Upgrades, migrations and would be subject to a professional services engagement.

Support Services do not include integration or development assistance with API's or SDK's. Integration and development assistance would be subject to a professional services engagement.

Support Services do not include Enhancements. “Enhancement” or “Feature Enhancement” means any request that requires additional functionality outside of commercial-off-the-shelf features and/or functionality as set forth in the standard documentation maintained and provided by HID. Enhancements are not included with standard support or warranty. Enhancements require additional scoping and services to be purchased from HID and may be subject to additional annual support fees.

Professional services engagements shall be addressed in a Statement of Work (“SOW”) with applicable pricing, as mutually negotiated between the parties.

Additional Terms

If Customer is purchasing the Support Services from a Channel Partner, Channel Partner will be liable for all fees owed for the Support Services or as otherwise set forth herein.

The initial subscription term for Support Services will commence on the date set forth in the Order Acknowledgment issued by HID and will continue for the initial term set forth therein (“Initial Subscription Term”). Subject to the payment of all subscription fees, unless otherwise agreed by HID in writing, Customer’s support subscription will automatically renew for an additional period equal to the Initial Subscription Term, unless HID, Channel Partner or Customer (as applicable) gives written notice of non-renewal at least thirty (30) days before the end of the then-current subscription term. For clarity, a subscription constitutes a commitment on the part of Customer or Channel Partner (as applicable) to pay HID for the full subscription term. Subscriptions for Support Services are a final sale and are not refundable.

HID fees for the Support Services may be increased upon expiration of the then-current subscription term.

In the event that Support Services are discontinued or suspended, to reinstate or renew Support Services, HID will charge Support Services fees for the interim period during which Support Services were discontinued or suspended. 

If your Support Services coverage has lapsed due to nonrenewal or nonpayment, there is a one (1) month grace period where you can reinstate your Support Services for the amount of the last renewal quote. If you have been uncovered by Support Services for longer than one (1) month from the last renewal date, you can reinstate your Support Services for a reinstatement fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the total price of the Support Services for the upcoming renewal period, and you must pay the annual subscription fee for the Support Services. The new Support Services subscription term will begin as of the date of expiration of the prior Support Services subscription term.

Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Policy

If Customer purchased the hardware through a Channel Partner, all RMA requests should be handled by the Channel Partner. If Customer purchased the hardware directly from HID, Customer may contact HID directly in accordance with this RMA Policy.

To return hardware that has failed during the applicable warranty period (“Warranty-Return Hardware”), Customer must inform HID of the Warranty-Return Hardware by filling out the form located at:

Upon receipt of Customer’s request, HID will provide Customer with an RMA Information Document that includes a troubleshooting guide and an RMA form to describe and identify device problems (“RMA Form”). HID will also provide an RMA number.

No RMA number will be issued if the applicable warranty period for the hardware has expired, or Customer has failed to complete the RMA Form. Except as otherwise stated herein or agreed by HID in writing, Customer will need to install and/or deploy any repaired/replacement hardware provided by HID, at Customer’s expense.

Customer will not be required to return Warranty-Return Hardware unless requested in writing by HID within thirty (30) calendar days of HID’s receipt of the RMA Form. If Customer is not required to return hardware, Customer will thereafter cease use and securely dispose of the unreturned hardware.

If HID requests return of the Warranty-Return Hardware, the following terms apply:

Warranty-return hardware is to be shipped pursuant to the instructions provided by HID Technical Support and at Customer’s cost (including any taxes and duties).

Upon HID’s receipt of the Warranty-Return Hardware from Customer, HID will evaluate the hardware to determine whether it is covered under the applicable warranty. If HID determines the hardware is covered under warranty, HID will take the corrective warranty action described in the applicable warranty policy, depending on the type of hardware.

Customer must return the hardware to HID with the RMA number clearly marked on the package. Return shipment of the Warranty-Return Hardware to HID must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of HID's request (“RMA Timeframe”). The hardware must be returned to HID in a testable condition; otherwise, the warranty is invalidated.

If Customer fails to return the Warranty-Return Hardware within thirty (30) calendar days from HID's request, HID reserves the right to invoice Customer and Customer will pay the current list price for such unreturned hardware. Customer agrees to promptly initiate payments owed pursuant to this Section by issuance of a purchase order or credit card payment. All hardware which is returned to HID for warranty service and not returned to Customer will become the property of HID.

Support Services Subscription available for an additional cost:

  1. Dedicated Support Services
    • Tailored support offering that aligns with our customers' requirements. Providing a more unique service which incorporates one or more support engineers (dependent on requirements) aligned solely to the customer's account. The assigned technical support engineer(s) will manage cases within HID Technical Support’s business hours.

Professional Services Subscriptions available for an additional cost:

  1. Customer Success Services
    • Customer success is about helping our customers achieve a goal with our solutions. This Customer Success Offering complements our existing professional services implementation and support services. Our Customer Success Offering is about ensuring our customers successfully deploy and achieve the maximum benefits of the HID solutions to meet their desired business outcomes.
  2. Certification & Training Services
    • The HID Certification Program offers a comprehensive training course to ensure ongoing contact and connection with HID through advanced topic webinars, access to our HID Genuine Academy and various training classes, instructor-led or online.
    • Currently available for the following HID Offerings: ActivID AAA, ActivID Authentication Server, ActivID Appliance, ActivID Credential Management System, ActivID Validation products, and HID SAFE. Includes HID Certification for two (2) individuals within the organization, annually. HID Certification may be made available for up to three (3) additional individuals within the organization for an additional fee. The HID Certification will enable such individuals to act as a Level 1 support for their organization.